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The State Library of the National Monument of the Badia di Cava (Salerno) is a state public library dependent on the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Directorate General for Libraries, Cultural Institutes and Copyright.
It is part of the eleven libraries annexed to the National Monuments and, like the state libraries, observes the Regulations containing rules on state public libraries, contained in Presidential Decree no. 417, on the basis of which it has drawn up its own internal regulations.
The Library has manuscripts, manuscripts, 15,000 scrolls and more than 25,000 loose documents. The printed editions of the fifteenth century (incunabula), sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and the first thirty years of the century. XIX, constitute the historical fund (about 15,000 book units).
As of January 1, 2010, the book stock amounted to 82400 volumes, including the historical fund and 400 periodicals, 86 of which current.
The Library is located inside the Abbey of SS. Trinità di Cava, with a single entrance.