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Guided tours

The State Library of the Badia di Cava offers a guided tour service by
Internal staff.
The visit to the Library, as it is free, is independent from the visit dedicated to
Abbey – museum complex, and takes place on days and times to be agreed upon by contacting
following number: 089 34 52 55.
Subsequently, the reservation must be sent by email to the address
bmn-bdc@cultura.gov.it and addressed to the kind attention of
Director/Conservator with an indication of the number of participants in the visit, for
a maximum of 20 people per group.
During visits to the Library, which the Staff will carry out on rotation, it will be
it is possible for participants to take photographs of the environments; in particular for
as regards the library and archival material shown, it will be possible
take photographic shots without using flash and from a distance for his
No videos or photographs are authorized for the staff responsible for the visit.